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KW 35/2012: vier Malerinnen

30. August 1855: Evelyn de Morgan
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Evelyn de Morgan: The Love Potion

WDM27975 The Love Potion, 1903; by Morgan, Evelyn De (1855-1919); oil on canvas; 104.1×52.1 cm; © The De Morgan Centre, London; English, out of copyright


Evelyn de Morgan: The Storm Spirits

By Evelyn De Morgan – [1], Public Domain,

30. August 1908: Leonor Fini
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Leonor Fini Google-Ergebnisse Frauenfiguren
01. September 1886: Tarsila do Amaral
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Tarsila do Amaral Google-Ergebnisse Frauenfiguren
02. September 1864: Séraphine Louis
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Séraphine Louis Google-Ergebnisse Frauenfiguren